Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thinking on Boon

Yes, it has been awhile since I last posted on the delights and wonders of Boon.  I realize, in some ways, opportunities to share of his growth have been missed.  Even though I have not recorded all his antics and pleasures, my joy of him has endured and increased.

Since I last wrote, Boon has turned two-years-old.  He still hovers right under 100 lbs.  He is still patient and resilient, still bubbles with joy at the sight of his ball.  He can hardly stand it when he is in the presence of another dog, he longs to run over to that dog and stir up some play. He continues to pull on his leash, somehow he cannot imagine that walking beside me will get him there faster.  This past summer, he jumped in a lake for the first time, he kept dunking his head under the water...he did not want to get out.  In July, he met my nephews, Micah and Landry, and my niece, Karissa, and he was a constant flurry of play and fun.  He did not want to miss a single minute of their attention.  He loves carrots, apples and ice, and he runs to the kitchen if the freezer or refrigerator door is opened. He recently experienced doggy ice-cream and enjoyed every lick. He no longer has problems with ear infections. It seems like he loses a pound of hair a day. :) He gets really excited when Grams comes to our house for a visit.  These are the main highlights of his last few months and his day-to-day delights.

I still have the same longings to finish CGC training and start therapy work.  Though I have had to put this dream on the back burner for awhile, the longing gets stronger and stronger.  I know it will happen.  In fact, this past weekend I found a training location closer to our home.   I have hopes to begin again next month.  I leave it with the Lord.  Today, I just thank Him for giving me this black ball of sunshine, and I take great delight in all of Boon's little pleasures.


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