Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Boon Gift

My mom recently returned from a trip to South Africa. She brought back a gift for her granddog: a scarf that pictures the South African flag. Here, Boon is sporting his new scarf.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boon And Busy Days

The last few months have been very busy around our house. So busy, we have not even been able to think about beginning Boon's next level of training. By this point, I was hoping that he would have begun his Canine Good Citizenship training; since that has not been possible, my goal now is to begin this training sometime around the end of July or the beginning of August.

Though our schedule has been crazy, Boon has taken everything in stride. As long as he has food, water, outside time and a generous helping of ball time, he seems perfectly content.

At almost 10 months old, Boon is steadily growing and maturing. He is showing some signs of adolescence: little pimples popping up around his mouth and some pushing of boundaries, but he remains as sweet as ever...and though he is around 75 lbs, he still curls up in my lap just like he did when he was a little pup.