Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Blessing Of Boon

Boon. The name of my new, black lab puppy. He was gifted to my husband and me by a very special family, so we named him Boon - a welcome benefit, a blessing. He is a dream come true. The firstfruits of the fulfillment of a vision which the Lord laid on my heart. For over a year now, I have felt a strong yearning to train a therapy dog...the desire was birthed out of my own health struggles, out of an understanding of the limitations which come with illness.

Even in my darkest times of loss and pain, the Lord has been so good to bring sources of hope, little bits of sunshine to encourage and strengthen me...these lifelines of hope have greatly impacted me...despite circumstances, they call me to dwell on the richness and goodness of God's love and to focus on His mercies, which are new every morning. In God's economy, nothing is ever wasted...He did not haphazardly touch my life with illness or flippantly send sources of encouragement my, each moment was filled with purpose. Some purposes I will never know, yet one purpose was to shape my desires and understanding so that I could bring encouragment to others whose lives are bound by the limitations of illness.

This is another reason why my new black lab is named Boon. I believe he will be used as a blessing in the lives of many people; people who are facing all kinds of struggles. From hospitals to nursing homes to schools, I know that the Lord will use Boon to bring blessing and encouragement in a myriad of situations...and thankfully, I will be able to come along for the ride.