Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boon, The Big Black Bear

Brad and I have often called Boon our "Big Black Bear".  Of course while he was learning what-to-do and what-not-do, he wanted to jump up on us -- he would put those large paws up in the air and he made us think of a big black bear.  Now Boon rarely jumps up on us, but when he gets excited he will zip around the room and sometimes he stands up on his back feet and just waves his front paws in the air.  When Boon started doing this, Brad and I would say something like: "Give me a hug, Boonie" or "Nice Hug, Boonie" -- so now when we say "Hug", Boon will jump up on his back feet and put his paws up in the air -- it is so cute!

Last week, Brad took Boon to the vet to be weighed.  It was time for his heartworm treatment.  If still over 100 lbs, a different dosage would be needed.  When Brad walked into the waiting room, there were several other people already waiting.  They all thought Boon was SO big.  One person said, "What is he, part lab and part big black bear?"  It turned out that our "Big Black Bear" has lost some weight -- he weighed 99.6 lbs.  Nice progress!  I cannot imagine that he will really get down to 95 lbs - but if he stays around 98 or 99, I think that is probably the perfect weight for him.

Speaking of big black bears, the funniest thing happened tonight while we were watching TV.  We were watching a program about bears.  Boon does not usually pay much attention to the television, but tonight he sat there and just stared and stared at the bears on the screen; it was amazing how long he watched them.  He was mesmerized by those bears.  Then he went right over to the TV and licked the screen.  It was so funny!  I would love to know what he was thinking -- why was he so enthralled with those bears?  I guess our "Big Black Bear" approves of his title.