Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Up On Boon, Part II

Boon is now 20 months old.  Though full grown for several months, emotionally and mentally he has still been very much a puppy.  In the last two months, I have seen him begin to mature.  The always resilient and even-tempered Boon is now beginning to focus and listen better.  He has begun to adapt to his leash and is not pulling as much.  We still have some work to do in this area, but it is quite exciting to see these steps of maturity.

Last month, we started Boon on Adult Dog Food.  It is possible that we left him on the puppy food a little too long...last week, we took him to the vet for a shot.  At that appointment, we were told that Boon is overweight -- he weighs 102 lbs.  He was a big puppy and, to me, he has developed normally and does not look overweight at all, but the vet said that he should have more definition and weigh around 95 lbs.  We have cut back some on his food and plan to work in more exercise.

Due to my health struggles, Boon's walks have been very limited lately.  He has not gotten as much exercise, but some daily play-time is a necessity.  Brad always makes sure that Boon has a daily dose of good play-time...and even though I have had to make some adjustments in our times of play, Boon and I still have our own little game: our Boon, who can "Release" and "Retrieve" the ball, who loves to play catch, now plays a pretty good game of "Roll-It".

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching Up On Boon, Part I

Yes, it has been awhile since any Boon news has been shared...the last few months in our house have been filled with mishap, followed by a whole lot of illness, adding up to upheaval -- squared!

It is way past time to play catch up in matters concerning Boon. So, let's start with Christmas -- Boon definitely had a ball...